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”ECC Junior’s Special program in Summer" has started at our class room, too.


As a petit English lessons using summer holidays, review of 1st semester, preparation to start from 2nd semester, or the step up for the class room students, I have got some applications.


ECC Junior's learning style is punctuated by year from Apr. to Mar., students' lesson level goes up according to the age or length of studying. Of course anybody can start from in the middle of the year and the most important thing for learning English is start as soon as possible to increase the time to learn. So to wait until the next school year will be a waste of time.


Through this program of only 4 days, students can learn almost every contents in 1st semester . Besides that, there are other good benefits, too.

良い点 その1)新年度スタートから学校の生活リズムが出来ており、夏休みでさらに時間的に余裕があるため、英語学習が新しく加わっても気持ちに余裕を持って始められる!

Good point No.1 ) Children has already got used to the life rhythm of the new school year and they have more free time in holidays, it's easy to add English lessons with feeling leeway.

良い点 その2)そのまま2学期から入会されると入会金が0円になり、プレゼントが2つもらえる!

Good point No.2) In case you start the regular English lesson from 2nd semester, admission fee will be free with 2 presents.

良い点 その3)なんと、英語英会話クラスは1回60分×4が¥5500(税込)と、通常のお月謝(¥6600)よりも安く受講できる

Good point No.3) Lesson fee is more reasonable than regular lesson according to the time.


On a first-come, first-served basis, it becomes flexible about the time or day of lessons. Through Tokyo Olympic, we will hear more English than usual. With ECC Junior, let's make this summer more attractive with English!


I am looking forward to see students have fun through this summer program from now.




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