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Mar.31,2021 . I will never forget this day. I quitted from Crayon Kids International where I have worked as a bilingual home room teacher with a native teacher for about 6 years. This day was the last day to spent together ,because the member would change from the next day. We did " Show & Tell" by teachers, give a booklet of pictures drawn by friends, and enjoyed playing with slime. They played with slime for 1 hour and a half with great fun! With their screaming, though I needed to clean spreading slime everywhere, I felt happiness.

そして、閉園となる18時。卒園児と保護者の方々が集まってくだ さり、素敵なプレゼントをくれました。なんと、クラスの子供たちに加え、歴代の卒園児たちも写真とメッセージで作ったアルバム!めくるたびに子ども達の成長が見られ、毎日見ていると気づかないけれどみんな大きくなったね。子どもたちからは絵を描いてくれたり、お手紙をもらうことがよくあるけれど、ママたちからのお手紙はなかなか機会がないので、これも心に響きます!

Then at 6 PM when the school closed. Graduating children and their parents gathered and gave me a fantastic present. That's the album filled with pictures and message by not only the class's children but also graduated children before. By turning over each page, I could see their growth. I couldn't notice their growth because I was watching them everyday. But you have grown so much! I often got pictures and letters from children, but I didn't have many chance to get message from parents so this album's message beat my heart so much.


The priority is children's safety . Sometimes I was strict to them like their parents. But I really enjoyed everyday with them. They gave me power and healed me, so I really miss them. But I am always wishing their wonderful future with unlimited possibility, and cheering .


April in 2021 is my new start. I will keep doing my best for children and their parents who chose my classroom!




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