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The yearly English exam by ECC Junior has finished. This is the first exam for all the students at ECC Junior Yachiyodaikita Kodomonomori Classroom. Especially at the one on one interview with a native teacher , many students became nervous.


Nevertheless, I could hear many satisfied phrases like," I could alomost‼””It was easy!””I enjoyed!" from children after the interview. Tension is inherent with the first experience, but I realized that more accomplishment make children shining.


The score is so good. 25% of our classroom students got perfect score and more than half got A+. Though some students needed a few more points to A+, the average is 94.4 and that proves everyone unleash their achievement of this year.


Through this English exam, everyone can get the certificate and a present of participate. According to the score, their score is leveled from A+ to C and the children with perfect score get commemorative medal from ECC. At our ECC Junior Yachiyodaikita Kodomonomori Classroom, children with the level of A+ are offered another present.


I know everyone did their best and hope to present to everyone. But by offering to limited level, I need to keep their motivation toward the level judgement. Accomplishment by A+ or disgustingness by not getting the target level with careless mistakes will be their big motive power they can get from only the exam.


I will do my best to encourage and support children so that more children can get the present of A+ next year, too.




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