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Merry Christmas


It's in December now , so I put a Christmas tree at the entrance and decorated the classroom with Christmas decorations. My students have noticed them soon and talked about the presents enjoyably.


At ECC Junior Yachiyodaikita Kodomonomori Classroom, on the last lesson of this year , as it is close to Christmas day, we will have the " Christmas Recital" by each class. Because it's difficult to arrange the available day for all students and to prevent denseness.


Though they have just finished their first writing test of ECC's English test, for the recital, each class has decided what to do and started the practice. On that day, I will record their presentations and enjoy English lessons and games about Christmas.


As for the presentation, all students and parents at ECC Junior Yachiyodaikita Kodomonomori Classroom can enjoy them on line. Students are excited with it and their attitude is so cute, that's making my support heat up.


Through the parents' meetings, I could hear heart worming words of understanding and cooperation, I feel really grateful. To reflect those feeling to their children's English skills, I will continue to tighten my mind and do lessons.


I wish all students and their families, children who joined our event and their families, everyone who has supported my classroom have a wonderful Christmas day.

Merry Christmas ☆彡




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